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From royalty to robbers , from highlanders to horse thieves.  What's in your family tree?  We love working on our genealogy. It's especially nice to be able to see all that effort laid out in a beautiful format to show to family and friends!   These are the clearest, most well made genealogy generation charts we have seen.    They are so inexpensive we suggest you buy two,  one for you, one for a gift.  But if you're a do-it-yourselfer just pop over to our free page  to see a template for making a family tree.

9 Generation Fan Chart
This brand new nine generation fan chart, printed on high-quality parchment paper, displays up to 511 names in a unique and attractive design.  The eight closest paternal lines are shaded for reference and convenience in identifying your progress.  Elegant enough for display or gift giving, and priced low enough to use as a research aid for yourself.  This chart is shipped in a tube for protection and to prevent folding.  Size of chart: 22.5" x 33.5".

Shipping for first chart is $4.00, shipping for each additional chart is only $1.00!  Save!  Buy two or more at one time.

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15 Generation Pedigree Chart
This is by far our most popular chart.  The back of the chart contains extra space to go up to a total of 20 generations or more.  It also has the ability to fold down to fit in a 3 ring binder.  See all your ancestral lines at once The most popular selling jumbo pedigree chart ever!    Size 25" by 27"

We recommend you buy two charts and place them side by side so you can see all 15 generations without turning the chart over.

Shipping is only a $1.00 making this a great gift for less than $6.00

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5 Generation Descendant Chart
This is a well thought out and designed chart that has the same popular look and feel as our Pedigree charts.  This chart also contains room on the back for adding additional generations.  It's a great chart to take to family reunions, or for compiling a family history publication.   Size 14" by 25".

Shipping for this chart is also only a $1.00.  

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bible timeline

Amazing Bible Timeline with World History
The Amazing Bible Timeline gives you a quick, organized way to see Bible and World history from Adam to modern times.  Packed with information with over a thousand entries from Adam to today.  An index to people and events is printed right on the poster.  To read more about it go to the Amazing Bible Timeline site.  Size 35" by 47"  

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